Spiritual Growth

When I was really little and the early years of elementary school, I was being raised in a mostly-Catholic, but partly Protestant home. My dad identified as a Protestant, but my mom was, in name, Catholic, but my family was mostly the Sunday-churchgoing type of believers, as opposed to the daily-living-for-Jesus type of believers.

For Kindergarten, First and Second Grade, I attended a private, Catholic school. Sometime during my 2nd Grade year, both of my parents were laid off from their jobs and could no longer afford the tuition of a private school. So I moved to public school for Third Grade and beyond.

Around that same time, my mom had some conflicts with the Catholic church we were attending (personal issues that I am not going to get into today) and left the church. After that, we were mostly Chreasters (Christmas & Easter church attendees).

When I switched to public school in the Third Grade, the first friend I made was a girl in my class named Laura. She and her 3 sisters all went to AWANA at the church their family attended. At some point, Laura invited my sister and me to join her family at AWANA. Her parents even picked us up and dropped us off every week so that my parents wouldn’t need to do so.

I was in Chums when I first started AWANA, and I still remember the day when the Bible lesson was over and I asked my leader if she would talk with me about Jesus. I gave my life to Him that day, and although my walk with Christ as not always been easy and I’ve had rocky times in my life, I have never once regretted the decision I made that day.

My desire now, as a wife and mother, is to live each and every day for Christ and to raise my children to do the same. Parenting is no easy task, and is often (and I mean often) very challenging, but it is also very rewarding. I love watching my children learn and grow and explore this world around them, but my biggest desire for their futures is that they will grow to love Christ and live their lives for Him.

One of the best ways to teach my children to love Jesus is by giving them a good example to follow. I have found over the years that when my walk with Christ is put on the back-burner or stops being my focus, I grow moody and stagnant. But, when I am in God’s Word daily and connecting with him in prayer, the struggles and difficulties in my life don’t seem quite so overwhelming. I want my children to see the joy and peace that comes in my life when I’m close to God, rather than that irritable, low esteem, impatient person I become when I wander away from God.

Therefore in this section of my blog, I will attempt to discuss whatever topic I’m currently studying in the Bible, what God is teaching me, or what my children are learning about Jesus. I do not claim that my road or walk will be perfect from here on out, but I hope you find it uplifting and encouraging, and hopefully in the process it will provide me with the accountability to continue on this journey.

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