Homeschool Skedtrack

Disclaimer: I have not received any compensations for writing this post. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

Good evening! Tonight I’d like to share with you the website I use to plan my daily lessons, schedule my school days for the year — including breaks — and keep track of grades — though at The Boy’s current age, I’m really only using this for myself to see which areas need extra practice and to be able to easily track progress within each subject.

There are a plethora of planning materials and options available out there, but the one I have landed on so far (and will likely continue using for a while) is Homeschool Skedtrack. I have used Homeschool Skedtrack to plan all of our preschool activities for this year, as well as to define specific times when I want to take breaks (because if I didn’t, The Boy would ask me every day if we could have school).

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