Ephesians – Observations, Part 3

Welcome back! If you have been following my new Ephesians series, thanks for reading and coming back today!

Today’s post is Part 3 of my personal observations for the book of Ephesians. This will be my final post on my Observations, and tomorrow I will move on to the next step of the Inductive Study Method, Interpretation.

In the Bible I used for this study — The New Inductive Study Bible — there is an Observations Chart at the end of each book of the Bible where the student of the Word can write down their own observations pertaining to certain topics or themes.

Here’s what I wrote down for Ephesians:

Our Wealth and Position in Christ (This is everything that appeared with the phrases “in Christ” or “in him”)

  • We have grace and peace (1:1-2)
  • We have “every spiritual blessing” (1:3)
  • We were chosen (1:4)
  • We have redemption through the blood (1:7)
  • We have forgiveness (1:7)
  • We have understanding of the mystery of God’s will (1:9)
  • We have unity (1:10)
  • We have an inheritance (1:11)
  • We have the praise of his glory (1:12)
  • We are sealed with the Holy Spirit (1:13)
  • We are raised up and seated with Christ (2:6)
  • We have the riches of his grace (2:7)
  • We were created to do good works (2:10)
  • We have been brought near (2:13)
  • We were built into a dwelling place for God (2:22)
  • We are heirs (3:6)
  • We are partakers of the promise (3:6)
  • We have boldness (3:12)
  • We have confident access to God (3:12)
  • We have Truth (4:21)
  • We are forgiven (4:32)
  • We have become children of light (5:8)
  • We have long lives when we obey our parents (6:1-3)
  • We have strength, given to us by God (6:10)


Our Relationship with the Holy Spirit (This would include what appeared with references to the Holy Spirit)

  • We are sealed with the Holy Spirit (1:13)
  • The Holy Spirit is a guarantee of our inheritance (1:14)
  • The Holy Spirit provides access to the Father (2:18)
  • The Holy Spirit builds us into a home for God (2:22)
  • The Holy Spirit reveals God’s mysteries (3:5)
  • The Holy Spirit gives us strength (3:16)


Our Former Lifestyle and Walk (This would be any time the word “walk” appeared as a lifestyle we had before Christ)

  • We were dead in our sins (2:1)
  • We were children of wrath, selfish (2:3)
  • We were separated from Christ (2:12)
  • We were in darkness (5:8)


Our Walk in Christ (This is any time the word “walk” appeared as a lifestyle after having Christ)

  • We are dead to sin (2:2)
  • We walk in good works (2:10)
  • We became worthy of God’s calling (4:1)
  • We left behind futility of mind (4:17)
  • We walk in love (5:2)
  • We have discernment (5:8)
  • We are wise (5:15)
  • We honor our parents (6:1-2)
  • We are strong (6:10)


This concludes Part 3 of my observations of Ephesians. In my next post, I will go through my interpretation of what I have read, starting out with my understanding of the themes presented in each chapter and in the book of Ephesians as a whole.



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