BabySteps Day 19 & Day 20

Morning everyone! Did you miss me yesterday? I did have a new post, but if you’ve been following my progress through the BabySteps, you may have noticed that yesterday’s post was not BabySteps related. (Shock! Horror!)

I promise you, it was not because I missed a day or because I forgot to post about it. There was actually good reason to combine Days 19 & 20 of the BabySteps process — reason being, Day 19 was exactly the same as Day 18. There was no new task to add to my routine; everything was the same.

The only extra thing for the day was to read a testimonial someone had sent from however long ago about a Bed and Breakfast she and her husband had gone to which actually turned out to be their own home because the FlyLady system had revolutionized her home. Nice to read for motivation purposes, but I figured my readers would not enjoy reading the same routines from Day 18 on Day 19 as well.

So I made the executive decision to combine Days 19 and 20. (I hope that’s ok — wink, wink)

On to Day 20! My Morning Routine was the same as it has been so far.

  • Get up and make my bed
  • Get dressed to shoes, including hair and makeup (I keep skipping the makeup, but I’ll work on it!)
  • Recognize those pesky negative voices and make them positive
  • Hot Spot for 2 minutes
  • 5 Minute Room Rescue
  • 15 minutes of decluttering
  • Look at Control Journal
  • Read FlyLady emails

The new task for Day 19 was to add a load of laundry to my Morning and Before Bed Routines. I may work up to the evening load of laundry, but since laundry is a thing I really struggle with, I’m just gonna stick to having it part of my Morning Routine for now. I just know that if I try to work in an evening load at this moment in time, that the clean clothes would end up sitting in the dryer until the next day. I will, however, include a daily load of laundry (or two, on days when I’m washing the diapers) in my Morning Routine.

In FlyLady terms, doing a load of laundry consists of 5 steps (sort, wash, dry, fold, and put away), and the laundry is not considered done unless you have completed all 5 steps. Here’s what this looks like in my world:

  1. Sort: I don’t sort by color or anything like that. My sorted “loads” include separating by person for clothing, bed sheets, towels, microfiber towels, & cloth diapers.
  2. Wash: Everything gets washed in my homemade laundry detergent except the diapers (which get washed in diaper-friendly detergent) and microfiber (which gets washed in special detergent for now — at least, until it runs out, at which time I will start using the regular detergent)
  3. Dry: Most things dry in the dryer, except for diaper covers
  4. Fold: Most things don’t get folded in our house. Most clothing is hung up (except undies and socks). The only things that really get folded are towels, diaper inserts (cuz I use prefolds), and our bedsheets.
  5. Put Away: This of course, is my area of struggle. I can get the laundry done often, but getting it put away is another story. This is definitely an area I need to work on!

My Before Bed Routine, is of course, the same for now.

  • Keep shining my sink
  • Lay out clothes
  • Put out Hot Spot
  • Look at Control Journal Checklist
  • Time for bed (I had originally chosen 9:30 as my bed time. I’m working on it, but I don’t always make it on time.)

Come back and read up on Day 21! Until then, have a wonderful day!



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