BabySteps Day 14

Good morning and welcome back! Today’s post is all about Day 14 of the FlyLady’s BabySteps. Yesterday was Day 14 for me. (If you’re new to this series, you can read about my previous days here.) Here’s how it went…

So as you know, each day builds on the previous days. I’m working on developing routines that I can stick with indefinitely. Below are my routines that I’ve developed so far.

Morning Routine

  • Get up and get dressed to shoes
  • Look at my posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Recognize the negative voices and make them positive
  • Put out my HotSpot for 2 minutes
  • 5 Minute Room Rescue (see pics below)
  • Spend 15 minutes decluttering
  • Look at my Control Journal
  • Read my FlyLady Morning Message

After Dinner Routine

  • Keep shining my sink
  • Lay out my clothes for tomorrow
  • Put out a HotSpot for 2 minutes
  • Look at my Control Journal checklists

As a reminder, the 5-Minute Room Rescue consists of choosing the room in your home that you would never want anyone to see (or in my case — since this particular room is unable to be blocked off from company — the room you are embarrassed for people to see), and spending 5 minutes each day cleaning, decluttering, and reorganizing it.

Here’s the photo update on my progress through the 5-Minute Room Rescue. So far, I have completed the 5-Minute Room Rescue 6 times (30 minutes total of working in this area).

As you can see, the pile of boxes has dwindled significantly from when I first started. Incidentally, when I get through with the boxes, I’m going to continue on in this room to reorganize and cleanup what you can’t see to the left of this picture.

After completing my Morning Routine, the new task for Day 14 was to read an essay on FlyLady’s website about how to use a calendar. Quick and easy. Now I’m debating buying a calendar to keep track of things going on in our family. This would especially be helpful now that we have so many more appointments to keep nowadays.

As for my completion of Day 15 of the BabySteps, stop by tomorrow morning to read about it! Thanks for reading! Have a great day!



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