BabySteps Day 9

Good morning! Yesterday was Day 9 of FlyLady’s Beginner BabySteps. I’m slowly working my way toward a clutter-free home, and FlyLady is key to that!

If you haven’t read my previous posts about the BabySteps I’ve completed so far, you can read about them here.

The key to FlyLady’s BabySteps is to gradually build onto the steps I’ve already completed. My Morning and After Dinner Routines that I have so far are as follows:

Morning Routine

  • Get up and get dressed to shoes, including hair and makeup
  • Look at my posted reminders in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Read my FlyLady Morning Message
  • Recognize the negative voices and change them to positive
  • Put out my Hot Spot for 2 minutes

After Dinner Routine

  • Keep my sink shining
  • Lay out my clothes for tomorrow
  • Put out my Hot Spot for 2 minutes

BabyStep 9 involves beginning the process of decluttering the home. The past few days, I’ve been putting out “Hot Spots” for 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening, but this step is slightly different than a Hot Spot.

Yesterday’s new task was to add a “5 Minute Room Rescue” to my Morning Routine. How to do that is to choose the room in the home that is the worst, the one that you would never allow anyone to see, and spend 5 minutes decluttering it.

Now, in my case, the worst area isn’t a room that I can “never allow anyone to see” because unfortunately it’s out in the open. It’s our laundry room area.

You see, we just bought our first house and moved in this past June. The laundry room is between the dining room and the kitchen, and when we moved in, we had boxes that we never quite got around to unpacking (scandalous, I know) and they all got stacked in our laundry area.

Not a huge difference in just 5 minutes, but it’s at least noticeable.

This is obviously a work in progress, so I will continue posting my 5 minute results as I go along.

Come back tomorrow to see how I do on my next step.



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