Easy Peasy Curriculum

I first discovered Easy Peasy a few years ago when I was looking for free and low-cost homeschool curriculum options. I was and am thoroughly impressed with the amount and quality of material available on this site, all completely FREE.

Easy Peasy contains complete, 180-day lesson plans for all of the core subjects and a few options for elective subjects as well. There is material available for students in PreK to Grade 12.

As I mentioned earlier, the quality of material for each subject is high. The woman who created the site is a homeschooling mom, and she desires to make high-quality homeschool curriculum available to anyone. Homeschool laws vary drastically from state to state; some states have very strict requirements for homeschoolers, while others are very relaxed in what they require of their homeschooling families. Easy Peasy’s creator is a homeschooling mom in Pennsylvania — a state which has some of the strictest in terms of which subjects need to be taught, the number of hours/days that need to be in a school year, and information that must be reported to the state.

All of the curriculum available on Easy Peasy is designed to meet the homeschooling laws for the state of Pennsylvania, and therefore, will meet the requirements of most any other state in the U.S.  Lessons are written to the student and are intended to be completed independently (although in the younger grades parents may need to help read the directions to their children).

Some courses have worksheets and other materials that need to be printed off, but the bulk of the content is meant to be done on the computer. People in the Easy Peasy community are working on making affordable hard copy materials available for certain subjects as well, with the goal that even families who don’t have daily access to the internet can still homeschool their children on a small budget.

We are currently using their Learn to Read program.

The Boy is reading at a Kindergarten level at the age of 4 1/2 and has better fluency than the average Kindergartener, so I am highly impressed with the results of this program.

In the future, I intend to continue using the Reading portion of the Easy Peasy curriculum, as well as the handwriting available as part of the Kindergarten curriculum. We may also use some of the elective courses like Music, Art, PE/Health, and Thinking (though Music and Art are tied to the History curriculum available and I don’t plan on using that portion of the curriculum because I have found a different history curriculum that I like more) at some point, but I’m still not decided on that yet.



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